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Home and Leisure Blinds

Bespoke Solar Shading for Home,Commercial & Outdoor Living

Outdoor Solar Shading

So many solutions for your Outdoor Living Idea's

Patio Awnings

A wonderful addition to your patio, awnings can provide excellent shelter from both sun and light rain, thus extending the time that you are able to make use of your patio area. Our climate doesn’t often favour us dining Al Fresco, but with an awning that incorporates heating and lighting, it’s possible to dine outdoors and stay out until it gets dark.

All of our awnings are made-to-measure and can incorporate LED lighting and heating. There are many fabrics to choose from in different shades that offer varying levels of UV protection and can be co-ordinated to your surroundings.

Window & Conservatory Coverage

Awnings can be added above windows, providing a decorative additional protection from the elements and additional shade for very sunny areas.

It’s also possible to provide additional protection and shade for lean-to style conservatories by adding an awning that sits across the conservatory roof with a slight overlap at the edges. Both of these types of awnings can look extremely stylish in addition to the protection they offer.

Motorised / Remote Control Options

While awnings are specifically designed to withstand mildly windy weather, it is still advised to collapse them during heavy rain and when not in use. Motorised awnings simplify this whole process, allowing you access at the touch of a button, so that you can quickly and easily make use of your patio area. Set up and pack down your seating area quickly by having a motorised system installed, so that you have more time to enjoy your patio area.

Awnings and Canopies for Commercial Use

We can also offer a wide range of commercial awnings in various styles and which can be printed with your company logo. Increasing popular are Dutch style canopies, which can be either rigid or retractable. They make a wonderful shop front that can provide coverage and protection for outdoor displays, or can be used to create an attractive outdoor seating area for customers.

Contact us with your specific requirements and we can offer a tailor-made design and quote to suit your business needs.

Stand-Alone Options for Open Plan Areas

If you would sooner have your awning in the middle of the lawn rather than covering your patio then it’s totally possible by having a stand-alone awning that can be assembled on any open flat surface. Twinster or ‘Back to Back’ awnings have the added option of being easily relocatable should you move home as feet can be embedded in planter style tubs. The canopies have remote control operation so that they can be easily closed when not in use. Set up an awning in the prettiest location of your garden.

All of our awnings are highly durable and come with a 12 month warranty.

Bioclimatic Pergolas

Vision and Opera are the new Pratic’s bioclimatic pergola shades providing the greatest comfort in terms of temperature, light and ventilation thanks to a natural modulation of wind and sun.

Pergola’s structure is also conceived to protect from rainfall, thus becoming an open-air space that you can enjoy all the year round with a perfect climatization.


Sail is one of the new symbols of innovation and technology by Pratic: a unique sail-shaped structure, inspired by the materials and shapes used in sailing. This structure can be easily and flexibly installed in any context with the desired dimensions.All this is possible thanks to a device that allows perfect stretching of the sheet.

Evo Energy prototype

Pergola equipped to house adjustable photovoltaic

panels to supply energy to the house.

A 6X4 Evo Energy pergola can supply

up to 2,2 Kw/h of power.